Things I Didn’t Expect to Heal When I Changed My Lifestyle

Back in 2007 when I was working in the corporate industry, my health was at its lowest and I had many issues that I needed to heal. Thankfully with some research I found the tools to do it naturally and my journey to health started. 
What I didn’t expect was a much calmer mind. Just eating a healthier diet started to heal my gut which then eased my anxiety. I used to sleep walk because my mind was so stressed and active and I no longer do that. I am nowhere near as angry as I used to be, except for the good ol hormonal cycle that gets me sometimes, but thankfully that got a lot easier too.  

Since then I have learned about the ‘Gut-Brain axis’ and the vagus nerve. (This is a helpful article explaining the link between the gut and the brain:

What I learned is that everything is linked, mind, body and soul and if you’re only giving attention to one part then the other parts are going to be neglected and life is going to be out of balance. 

Similarly, there are so many different aspects of our life that need attention such as our relationships, career and business and family. If one is out of balance it can turn our whole world upside down. 

Each part of your life needs attention

Are you feeding your brain? You could be working really hard or studying and getting a lot of information and neglecting your body. 

Do you feed your soul? Do you attend your place of worship or meditate or spend time in nature? What does your soul/spirit need to keep you in balance? 
You are so much more than just your body and your mind and once you connect with that part of your life starts to feel in harmony! 

Do you move your body regularly, and do you nourish it with the foods that it needs? 
Look at ways to make sure your digestive system is functioning optimally. Stop feeding it compounds pretending to be food, and give it what it really needs.  A car doesn’t run on green juice and you would never dream of giving it something like that, but as a human we do function well on it.

So treat your body like you would treat your dream car and give it the best fuel. Look after it, cleanse it inside and out, mentally, spiritually and physically, because you can’t replace it. 

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