How To Listen To Your Body

Our bodies want us to be healthy.

They have the ability to get back to a healthy state when given the correct fuel; in the form of rest, food and drink, exercise, outdoors, fun, less media or more happy media, people we surround ourselves with, and the ability to manage our stress.

Think of your body as a young child. If you’ve ever followed a young child around you’ll have seen that they know what they want. They also want your presence to follow them, guide them or support them.

Your body is the same, it knows what it needs and wants.
You have to be present to hear what your body needs and give that to it.
It is always talking to you in different ways, but are you listening?

A headache is your body talking to you. You could need water, or to get away from your computer/phone for a few minutes and take a few deep breaths.

You’re exhausted or fatigued; you could need better sleep, so you may need to manage your stress so you can sleep better, or you need exercise.

What is your body saying to you and what can you give it? Will you give it what it needs rather than popping a pill and carry on going before it sends you something more serious to get your attention?

I promise it will start responding positively to you, just give it time.
You’ve abused it for x amount of years, now it needs to undo all of that, let go of all the toxins and get back into balance.

Your body loves you and you love it, maybe you’ve just forgotten somewhere along the line. 

You can do it, you’re amazing, your body is amazing.

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