Why Does Health Seem To Be So Confusing?

I know there are many people who have been ‘trying everything’ for years and still haven’t reached their health goals. 

I can understand, it is really confusing out there. There are so many diets which are so restrictive that by the time you’re done you can’t wait to get back to ‘normal’ life. All the work you put in to get healthy, lose weight or detox goes out the window in only a couple days. 

Maybe all these corporations (the ones that create our genetically modified foods – also called GMO, bio technology, biotech seeds, genetic engineering and transgenic crops, which are not beneficial for us, the pharmaceutical corporations and our governments), just want us to be confused and sick, who knows, maybe they all work together?

It seems like if they really cared and wanted us healthy they would not allow any fast food, junk food or soda companies to advertise and sell their products. They would ban smoking, and educate us on how bad consuming all these foods and drinks are for us. They would subsidize fruits and vegetables so that everyone could afford them. 

But they don’t.

They let us consume all of this and still advertise more unhealthy drugs to sort out the ailments, which have side effects that require you to take more drugs (do yourself a favour and read the side effects of your current pharmaceutical drugs). 
So the corporations get richer and the sick get sicker and are more confused and frustrated with no health in sight. 

I want you to know that you don’t have to be sick. 

My body was not well. I didn’t know that my body had the ability to heal because no one told me that it could. I thought I was going to have to live with painful joints, insomnia, digestive problems, eczema, acne and bloating (and these would probably have developed into more severe issues) for the rest of my life.
I went to doctors who didn’t know what was wrong with me, and as it turned out I was really acidic and all I needed to do was change my lifestyle. 

I followed the nudges that were answers to my questions. It might sound weird but each step appeared in front of me and I just followed the trail. 

I want you to know that you have the power to reclaim your health.

You can take back the responsibility to keep you and your family healthy instead of leaving it up to the big corps.

What suggestions or nuggets of information have appeared in answer to your questions?
Have you been listening? 

For me it was when I lived in London and was told that I should quit dairy. It was sort of indirectly through a colleague who’s mother had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and her oncologist told her she should stay away from dairy. This was ridiculous to me because I consumed so much of it and had always been told how good it was for me. 
She would show me just how much dairy is in everything we consume, in take away meals, ready made meals in the shops and in restaurant meals. 

I was willing to give it a try because I was tired of feeling sick and sore and could always add it back in again if nothing happened. 
And of course within the space of a couple of weeks my skin started to clear up which was enough motivation for me to keep going. 
I happened to hear about a well known nutritionist in the UK and followed a lot of what she suggested, and life started to feel better. Each year I could feel myself getting better as the more I learned the more nutrients I put into my body. 

The reason there are so many diets is because each one has worked for the person promoting them (provided they are not just doing it for a ‘get rich quick scheme’).

For me it turned out to be a plant based diet, with lots of fruit and vegetables and little to no junk or processed food. Animal products would make me constipated. And now I absolutely love to eat the way I eat and how it makes me feel. 

Something to remember is that most, if not all of these diets recommend all these similarities; cut out junk food, crisps, pastries, processed food, sodas, limit coffee and alcohol intake, quit smoking.
Add in more filtered or spring water, reduce or cut out gluten and dairy.
Eat more fruit and vegetables and more leafy greens.  
Get out into nature where you can. 
Limit your consumption of the mainstream news, all it really seems to be is bad news, and bad news makes us anxious. 

Also remember that it has taken you how many years to get to the point that you are now?
Trying something for just 4 weeks and not seeing results does not mean that it is not working. It just means that you need to be patient with your body to reverse what you have been doing to it for so many years. It didn’t happen overnight, your body was sending you messages like constipation and headaches, skin issues, etc but instead of getting to the cause we pop a pill.

Find out what works for you.

Be consistent and persistent and keep your end goal in mind.  

I wish for you amazing health!

If you would like guidance to find out what does work for you please Contact me and we can go on this journey together. 

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