Did you know that your body loves you?

Did you know that your body loves you?

Every moment of every day it is working hard to keep you alive, to keep you functioning as best it can. 

It is sorting through all the food and drinks you consume.

It’s filtering the toxins from the atmosphere, the toxins from the ‘body care products’ you use, the alcohol and cigarettes, radiation and more.

It is filtering the adrenaline from your system from being constantly stressed. 

Your beautiful body is digesting the food and utilising what it can to help you thrive. 

How are you going to show your body love in order to help it function optimally? 

What foods are you going to eat? 
What natural body and house hold products are you going to start using?
How are you going to manage your stress? 
How are you going to up-level your nutrition to up-level your health? 

When your body gets more nutrients and less toxins it has more time to focus on healing you.

Challenge yourself to eat at least one very healthy meal each day, or if you do already, have another healthy meal each day. 

Watch less news and spend more time in nature. 
Have fun with your kids to help you de-stress.
Thank your body for what it does for you. 
Show your self and your body some love. 

Ask yourself “what would someone who loves their body do?”

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