Healthy Tips This Festive Season

What a year! 
This is possibly one of the weirdest festive season you’ve ever experienced, to top off one of the weirdest years ever. Restrictions, limitations and uncertainty.
Add to that the usual festive season frustrations of over indulging, interacting with family members and dealing with stress. 
So enjoy yourself as much as possible, enjoy your family and enjoy your food. 

Here are a few little ideas to keep you comfortable and manage your stress. 

  • Keep hydrated. Drink as much lemon water as you can to flush out any of the extra toxins that you are taking in. 
  • Start your day with something healthy such as a fruit platter, or a smoothie or smoothie bowl filled with delicious fruits and superfoods. 
  • If you’re eating foods that you don’t usually eat, or you’re eating a lot more than you would usually eat take digestive enzymes to help break down the food.
  • Take green powder supplements such as barley grass juice powder, wheatgrass powder, moringa powder and spirulina to detox your cells and keep you alkalised. 
  • Try to keep portion sizes normal, and when your body say it is full stop eating. 
  • Drink herbal teas such as peppermint and ginger to ease digestion, chamomile for calming and nettle for cleansing the liver. 
  • Spend some time in nature if that is possible for you. Nature has an amazing way of calming our nervous system.
  • Find some meditations online to re-centre yourself and to bring you back to a state of calm. 
  • Be appreciative of the family members and friends you are with even if they are ‘working on your nerves’. 
  • Take zeolites or bentonite clay at night before you go to bed to remove toxins from your body. Zeolites help to ease digestive discomfort and are also known to help reduce hangovers.

Have a beautiful festive season. Enjoy every moment of it. 
And remember that your body will be working extra hard for you now, so give it some help along the way.

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