You Are Your Own Best Healer

You are your own best nutritionist / doctor / healer.

Only you can know how your body feels. 
You actually do know what works best in your body you just might not have been taught how.
When you allow yourself the time to properly tune in, you get to know, you get to figure it out. 

You know that too much alcohol causes a hangover and doesn’t feel good.
But with food it is more subtle.
I’ve done a lot of cleansing of my body over the years and have become really tuned into what feels good and not good. If I have food that is too heavy and oily I get a food hangover where I am tired and lethargic and don’t have the vigor and inspiration that I usually have on a day to day basis.
A lot of people feel like this daily and think it is normal, but it is not. Normal is for our bodies to thrive and for us to have a lot of energy. (mamas and papas, I know you’re sleep deprived and tired for other reasons )

Having a coach such as myself can make such a difference because I help you to tune into your body and figure out what works and doesn’t work for you. 

I help you realise what your blocks are in making the necessary changes and I can give you the guidance on better choices for you.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to inspire you to make the healthy changes you know you need to make:

  • What will I be capable of when I am healthy?
  • What does my life look like now that I can function normally?
  • When I think about my perfectly healthy body I feel…

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