4 Ways to Eat a Healthy Plant Based Diet

I know a lot of people would like to transform to eating a much healthier diet but do not know how to or where to start. There are so many diet’s ‘out there’ that you can get confused with what to eat. Transforming to a vegan/plant-based lifestyle can also be quite confusing.

I have worked with a few clients who are vegan and are doing it for animal rights purposes. I think it is amazing that people are standing up for what they believe in and being a voice for animals who cannot speak for themselves, however these clients were very unhealthy and not eating the right foods for their body. I want to be the voice of everyone’s body’s and say we have to listen to our bodies more than our heads to keep us thriving.

If people have not done their research before they cut out animal products they are at a loss for what to eat and then consume the same foods day in and day out, missing out on beautiful foods that could help them thrive. I’ve seen numerous people go back to eating meat again because they said while eating vegan they had so little energy and it just wasn’t working for them, and they really didn’t want to do it but had to if they were going to function properly.

Just as there are junk food meat eaters, there are junk food vegans.
I want to help people eat a vegan diet, but I want it to be a healthy one.

Here are 4 ways you can eat healthier on a plant based diet (although the below could also work for anyone):

  • Add in green powders or capsules daily (I tell most people to take these but it is very beneficial for when you’re not consuming animal products). My favourites include Barleygrass, Wheatgrass, Moringa and Spirulina.
  • Eat more green leafy foods such as lettuces, kale, baby spinach. Try and include one of these daily.
  • Have a variety of fruits and vegetables. More colours and more different types of foods means a variety of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
  • Make freshly squeezed juices with lots of greens such as celery and cucumber. Juicing allows you to get more in nutrients while not filling yourself up too much. (This is supplementary to your normal meals so as to not miss out on the fibre)

If you would like to transition to a more plant-based lifestyle or are vegan and would like to eat healthier add in the above. If you are in need of help and more tips in doing so get in touch with me and we can work together to get your body thriving.

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