Investing in Your Health is Your Wealth

I was speaking with some people this weekend and the topic of healthy eating came up. As usual the general consensus is that eating healthy is expensive. And yes it can be pricey. But what could the cost be to not eat healthy?

There is a show on one of the BBC channels that I just happened to see called “The Truth About …” and this particular episode was on Takeaways/fast foods’. They did a study with 15 young adults around 18-21 years old. They had to eat two fast food meals a day for two weeks. For a lot of people this could perhaps be exciting or just the normal way of eating.
After only a few days the test subjects were starting to feel lethargic and foggy brained, lacking motivation to do simple tasks and some were not even looking forward to eating another fast food meal.

At the end of the two weeks they did some tests to see how their body’s fared as well as how they were feeling.
They reported feeling very tired and they couldn’t sleep properly, their skin was breaking out, their hair was more oily, their digestive systems weren’t functioning properly and they couldn’t concentrate on their studies.
The majority gained weight, which was a gain in body fat, and their concentration of fat in the blood increased which is a marker of increased cardiovascular disease risk. Thankfully this was just a short term study, but if they continued with this diet they could develop heart disease as well as many other lifestyle diseases.

The scary thing is that for a lot of people this is their normal life. Imagine what the cost of living like this is.
Fast food and takeaways can be expensive vs cooking from scratch. When you cook at home you also know what is going into your food so it is usually healthier.
Eating a lot of takeaways may cause you to be foggy brained and not be able to concentrate on your work properly. You would get less done or even make errors, which could cost the company you’re working for a lot of money. Imagine there are 10 or even hundreds of people working for the company that are feeling the same way, making similar mistakes. If you run this business it will be an expensive one for you.
(I worked for a company who provided their staff with a daily morning smoothie and a healthy lunch, which was amazing because we didn’t have to think about what to bring for lunch and also great for the company because we performed better and didn’t have the after lunch slump)

Then there is your health that starts to cost you money. You end up needing to pay more for your medical insurance, buying pills to help your digestive system, or your blood pressure, or help your sleep problems. It all adds up and is very costly.
And you don’t get to fully enjoy life.

Now imagine spending your money on healthy meals at home and at restaurants.
– In my opinion the nourishment your body gets from the nutrients in the food far out-ways the cost.
– You can make the meals at home with the family, involving the kids so they learn about foods and a valuable skill for later in life.
– You feel light and happy which helps everyone around you feel happy.
– You have a clear head so you are more productive and able to do your work properly saving you time to enjoy other activities.
– You sleep well so you have more energy to exercise, which helps maintain your ideal weight as well as releasing endorphins enabling you to feel good.
– Your immune system is strong so there is less chance of getting sick
– And you spend less money on pills trying to get your health back.

You don’t have to change overnight, but I encourage you to try a cooking a new meal from scratch each week, or trying a new healthy food each week.
I am really not a fan of Brussels sprouts but I kept searching for a way to enjoy them, (as I know how incredibly good they are for us) and came across this recipe and I actually enjoyed it!

The first wealth is health!

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