6 Ways to Stay Hydrated

How much water or fresh fruit and vegetable juices do you drink every day?

Most of us are probably mildly to chronically dehydrated from not drinking much water, going all the way back to our childhood. Nowadays most people’s diets are not hydrating enough either. We don’t even need to feel thirsty to need to drink water.

As we’ve heard so many times, we’re mostly made up of water, so we have to make sure we are replenishing that water to help us function optimally.

We can see the importance of it in our lives by the length of time it would take us to start dying without it. Second only to breathing, good quality water is the most crucial things for us to take in.

Often our body is signalling to us that it wants water, but instead we reach for sodas, coffee, an energy drink or snacks which causes more dehydration. If you’re feeling snacky or tired, or that you want to have a cup of coffee then have a glass of water first. If you still feel like your snack then have it, but make sure you’ve had the water.

If our body doesn’t get enough water it cannot filter and flush out the toxins as efficiently. These toxins then continue to float around our system causing it to be very acidic. Viruses and other pathogens thrive in an acidic environment causing us all sorts of problems.

Without enough water our blood also starts to get thick. This makes it difficult for the heart to pump the thick blood throughout our body, potentially causing strokes and heart attacks.

When you’re putting something into your body as often as you should be drinking water then quality really matters. Tap water is so heavily chlorinated. Depending on which part of the world you live in, the water is also recycled numerous times so it has to be treated with all sorts of chemicals. Get a filter for your taps, or purchase spring water or filtered water.

Besides water, here are other ways you can stay hydrated:

  • Drink a litre of water upon waking. If you find plain water too boring add in some lemon or cucumber or any other fruit or herb that you enjoy. You can also drink more throughout the day.
  • Drink cucumber juice. This will hydrate you and help thin your blood, making the heart’s job a lot easier.
  • Eat raw fruit and vegetable salads. All the juices are still intact in the raw foods which will hydrate you.
  • Drink watermelon juices or eat watermelon as a snack, it is one of the most hydrating fruits.
  • Drink herbal teas instead of caffeinated beverages. It’s not specifically hydrating but they won’t dehydrate you like the caffeine would.
  • Have less salty foods or add less salt to your meals. The salt will dehydrate you.

Each person’s hydration needs are different so play around and see which of these works for you.

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