Why Be Healthy?

I think deep down we all know we need to make healthier choices. It can feel like hard work and that you really don’t want to do it and that you’d rather just do it when you really have to.

Every day we are taking in toxins that our body and more specifically our liver has to process.
These toxins are in foods we eat; either covered in pesticides or completely artificial like crisps or overly processed such as fast food, or from the hormones in the meats from the animals that were bred to grow rapidly.
They’re in drinks like sodas or alcoholic beverages or the chemicals in our tap water.
Toxins are in our skin and hair ‘care’ products, nail polish and the nail polish remover, make-up, toothpaste, hair dyes, spray tan, perfumes and cologne/aftershave.
Its in our detergents, air fresheners, laundry detergent, firelighters, candles, etc.

It is quite overwhelming, and there are some things that we just can’t do anything about, such as the exhaust fumes from all the traffic we sit in daily, chemicals that are floating in the air from factories that are blown in by the wind.

All of these toxins are processed by your liver every moment you’re alive, and for the most part it can do it really well. But after a while it gets overburdened by the constant bombardment of toxins and it may start to get sluggish, you can develop illnesses related to the struggling liver, or maybe even liver cancer.

How do I make better choices?

Thankfully we are able to do a lot with our food choices and our house and body products. There are so many shampoos, soaps, body lotions and house hold cleaning products that you can purchase nowadays that have very little of these chemical toxins in them. And they are available at your local supermarkets these days which makes it so easy to find them.

By purchasing organic foods you consume less pesticides, herbicides and fungicides and the organic food usually has more nutrients in to deal with the toxins. By using natural skin and hair products and washing your clothes in natural detergent less toxins are being absorbed into your blood stream.

And when your liver has to deal with less toxins and sends cleaner blood to your heart your body can then perform better.

  • You’ll have a stronger immune system which means you’re less susceptible to viruses, you’ll have more energy,
  • clearer skin,
  • radiant hair,
  • vibrant eyes,
  • better quality of sleep,
  • improved moods,
  • women’s menstrual cycle balances and there are less mood swings,
  • you’ll reach your ideal body weight,
  • you’ll slow down the aging process,
  • and you’ll feel happier overall.

By making small changes daily, weekly, monthly, you get to prevent spending the last ‘2-20’ years of your life struggling. I know your grandparent lived to 88 years old, but how many of those years towards the end were vibrant, and how many were a struggle? I know I want my later years on this planet to be happy and healthy ones.

Healthy Fruit breakfast

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