Conscious Eating and Self-Love

I recently listened to one of my favourite teachers, Teal Swan, being interviewed on the Hay House World Summit. She was being asked about self-love and how you can start to love yourself more or to even love yourself at all. She talked about being conscious while eating and drinking and how you can link this to starting to feel better. This is a concept I’ve read a lot about and I try to do it as often as I can.

The way she explained it was really beautiful and this is how I’ve interpreted it:
Part 1:
A large percentage of people on this planet do not love themselves, much less like themselves very much. To start doing better in life and to start enjoying it, an essential place to begin is to try loving yourself. Now, you can’t just go from hating or really disliking yourself to loving yourself overnight, it just doesn’t work like that. And you can keep saying affirmations that you ‘love yourself’ but all you may be feeling is complete frustration because you actually really don’t like yourself at all. One of the ways to start liking yourself is to find things that you like about you. For example, you could love your eyes, or your hair etc. Focus on those aspects of yourself daily, feel good about them, and then look for more good things.

Part 2:
Teal talks about another wonderful idea. Remember the tale of the Trojan War when the Greeks gifted a wooden horse to the city of Troy? They hid a secret force of men inside the horse and pretended to sail away. The Trojans took the horse inside the city as a victory trophy and at night when the city was asleep the Greek soldiers climbed out the horse and opened the gates for the rest of the army to take over the city.

What she suggests is likening the city of Troy to your body, the wooden horse to a glass or water and the soldiers inside it as your thoughts.
Remember this: We are mostly made up of water.
So what you can do is think of something or someone you really love; your children, your pets, your partner, something that makes you incredibly happy and full of love.
Just as the soldiers took over the city, when you drink water it is going to go through all your cells and merge with everything inside of you. When you take in that positively and lovingly charged water it will get inside your body and start to take over in love and positivity.

Teal said that she had self hatred, practiced this above method daily and before she knew it she was actually saying positive things about herself.
So you too can practice this just once a day with the water that you drink and see if you can feel a difference. Eventually you can do it with every glass of water and everything else that you consume.

That is why being mindful or conscious of the food or drink you are consuming can make a positive difference in your life. Imagine you eating your lunch while watching the news or you are sitting at your desk where you are working on a deadline. You are going to be feeling frantic or upset or angry with what you are seeing and this emotion will go into all the molecules and therefore take over your body and you will be left feeling like this all of the time.

If you are a bit skeptical about how thoughts can effect water have a look at Dr Emoto. He did numerous experiments on water proving that negative or positive thoughts and words could change its molecular structure.

There is so much to love, let’s get started!

This is my drinking glass, you can buy or make your own as a reminder to stay positive 🙂


One thought on “Conscious Eating and Self-Love

  1. I love this.. and fully agree with it! I started doing a lot with my water – especially after changing to “structured water” – the molecules are new and whole. I have also manifested a lot with my water lately.


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