Crunchy mint chocolate recipe

chocolates_grandeI used to love chocolate as a kid and the minty ones were usually my favourites. Just because I don’t eat the ‘normal’ chocolates anymore doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the numerous flavours I enjoyed when I was younger.

Here is a crispy mint chocolate recipe that is so delicious and healthy. Now I love my chocolates even more!


50g Buckwheat
100g cacao paste
100g cacao butter
1T Superfood shake (Optional)
Honey or sweetener of choice (sweeten to your desired taste)
3 drops edible mint essence

Soak buckwheat overnight, then dehydrate them for 8 hours (use a dehydrator or place the oven on the lowest temperature and leave the door open to let the air out. Or purchase the already activated buckwheat here)
Melt cacao paste with cacao butter over a double boiler system so as not to cook the cacao.
Once melted and slightly cooled mix in your sweetener and superfood shake. In order for the sweetener not to sit at the bottom use a whisk to mix it round.
Add 3 drops of mint essence and whisk some more. (don’t add too much as it can be really overpowering.)
Add in the buckwheat and stir around and pour. Keep on mixing so they don’t all sit at the bottom and end up in the last batch of chocolates. 

Pour into moulds, refrigerate and Enjoy! 

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